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Welcome to our site we aim to give you all the information and advice needed to guide you on your path to owning a French bulldog and to also train and maintain your French bulldog, mind, and body.

We are not solely French bulldog breeders, and we specialize in all canine breeds in general in regards to health and behaviour.

We started breeding canines in 2000 with our first French bulldog, since then to now we have progressed our family business into much more than your average breeder as we have pushed our experience into a more academic level, to make sure that we give you the best service. Which we are proud and confident to say we are one of the most reputable breeders in the Uk and intent to hold that title.

Why we say this is because of our Experience & Qualifications, and trust that we have built with our customers through the years so please feel free to look at our testimonial page and through our website as we update our achievements regularly.

We aim to give you the best professional services from start to finish so please have a look through our website to gain as much information as possible or give us a call or email.

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From the minute Juicy was born, Juicy has completely captivated us.
Short, stocky, Loyal, protective, and loves children Unbeatable combination.


Solid blue

We have had Sibby from birth. She is a beauty and full of energy, great temperament and easy going.

Simple Desaturated Photo Yard Sale Faceb



Sooty daughter to Juicy. She is the shyer type of dog compared to her mother. She is double when you pair her up with her mother. She is the shy type and loves children and family.


Breeding Perfection




Mischievous Bundle of Fun

Romeo is our favourite bulldogs. He is very loyal, respectful, great at dog agility, loves children.


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